Xavier’s Story

Parent Child Interactive Therapy helps Xavier find his forever family. Xavier was placed in foster care when he was 7-months-old with a family that planned to adopt him. When he was 2-years old his foster family sought help from theVillage Outpatient Behavioral Health Department. For days following visits with his birth mother, Xavier would lie on the floor crying for long periods of time, be excessively clingy with his foster parents, and be aggressive at preschool. Xavier began Parent Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT), an evidence-based family-friendly behavior management program designed for young children experiencing behavioral or emotional difficulties and their parents. Once in therapy at theVillage Xavier’s behavior improved significantly. Today, aggression rarely occurs and he is able to emotionally adjust quickly after visits with birth mother. His speech has improved as he uses skills learned during his PCIT sessions. He is much more compliant with instructions from his parents. PCIT therapy and his family’s commitment to these skills have helped him to develop a healthy, secure relationship with his pre-adoptive family. His foster mother recently told his therapist, “I don’t know where he would be or we as a family would be without this treatment”.  Thanks to his foster mother and theVillage, Xavier has the skills he needs to be successful in his forever home.