Pick-A-Project: STAR Bucks Store

When a girl is “caught” making small positive steps in personal behavior, social interactions, academic achievement, or other daily goals, she is rewarded with a STAR Buck. These STAR Bucks are recorded daily in a meeting with staff that serves not only to reinforce positive behavior, but to also strengthen math, goal setting, and communication skills. The STAR Bucks store allows girls to “purchase” items for themselves and as gifts for others. Popular items include personal care items, jewelry, trips to the nail salon, hair accessories, clothing, music, and more.


About $2,500 is needed for the program for the year. The value of items offered in the store typically ranges from $1-10, although the opportunity to strive for a more valuable item is welcome. You can buy STAR Bucks Shares @ $50 each (50 needed) or purchase items to be used in the store. This can also be a perfect re-gifting opportunity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we donate the actual item? Yes! We would like to have new items for the STAR Bucks store. However, this is a great opportunity for re-gifting something you don’t need if it fits our project.


Where to send your check: Development Office, theVillage, 452 S. Roberts Rd., Rosemont, PA 19010

Where to drop off items: theVillage, 452 S. Roberts Rd., Rosemont, PA 19010

For details, contact [email protected] or 610-519-1615.