Renée’s Story

Renee’s birth mother gave Renee and her sister up for adoption when she was four years old.  They spent five years in foster care until being adopted when Renee was 9-years-old.  Her aggressive behavior and violent outbursts continued to escalate, resulting in several psychiatric hospital stays, a partial hospitalization program, and a residential placement.  Renee came to theVillage after repeated violent outbursts and destruction of property at school and home.  She was failing school, and other interventions had not been successful.

Renee stayed at theVillage for 25 months to work on volatile mood swings, family relationships, and how to follow rules and expectations.  Her family therapy during this time involved learning how to communicate feelings and avoiding triggers that set off violent outbursts between Renee and her biological sister.  Finding the proper medication regimen was also very effective to helping Renee reduce the frequency of these outbursts.

At first, Renee was distrustful and unwilling to use theVillage Therapeutic Activity Program groups to her benefit.  As Renee dealt with her issues with abandonment, she became willing to make connections with the adults involved in her treatment.  As her trust of others increased so did her use of the program.  Her natural leadership also came out in sports and ropes course activities.  She assumed leadership roles by directing peers through ropes course obstacles and by captaining teams in intramural sports.

Renee was discharged to her adoptive mom and has returned to high school. Skills that she and her family learned in family therapy continue to improve the situation in the house. Renee also received straight A’s on a recent school report card.