The Legacy Tile Project at theVillage

Art Therapy is an effective and important method of communication, assessment, and treatment with children in residential and behavioral health programs. The art therapist works as part of the team that includes physicians, mental health therapists, social workers, and teachers. Together, they determine and implement a client’s therapeutic goals and objectives. TheVillage also utilizes dance and movement therapy, poetry, drama, knitting and crocheting, and a curriculum-based running program, all as supplemental and innovative approaches to healing.

Each resident in theVillage’s Residential Treatment Program, upon successful completion of her treatment course, is invited to create a ceiling tile composition to add to the The Legacy Ceiling Tile Project℠. Each ceiling tile created will hang in theVillage Arts Cottage, or in the residential cottages, as a permanent part of the space. The purpose of this project is to provide a creative outlet for the resident to work through her natural feelings of loss and change associated with discharge. The process of making the ceiling tile affords the resident a chance to reflect on their time spent at theVillage and in the Arts Cottage, and to leave a lasting message, a part of themselves, as inspiration for those that will follow.

The ceiling tiles are meant to make a connection between the shared experience of trauma, mental health challenges, and residential treatment with hope and an enduring sense of future.  Our hope is that the residents will return to visit someday and can reconnect with their feelings and experiences when they see their own Legacy Tiles and those created by the friends they made during their important time here at theVillage. Recently, this project has expanded to include a voluntary audio interview of the resident, where they are given the opportunity to verbally express their thoughts and feelings related to making their tile or the art work itself, their treatment journey, and plans after discharge.

The innovative, creative arts therapies employed at theVillage are funded through the generosity of private donors. Click here to make a gift of support.