Residential Programs

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The residential programs of theVillage are located in Rosemont, a suburban community that is a 30-minute drive from Philadelphia. The 43-acre, tree-lined campus provides a peaceful setting for experiencing healing and growth.  TheVillage has embraced the Sanctuary Model of Trauma-Informed Care as an effective framework for helping children and families heal from traumas brought about by violence, neglect, addiction, poverty, and mental illness.

The residential programs provide a continuum of residential care to adolescent females from all over Pennsylvania and Delaware, including the intensive treatment services of the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) program, to the more social and independent skill development focus of the Campus-based Group Home Program.  Both programs provide supportive 24-hour supervision by counselors trained in the Sanctuary Model and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention™.

Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) Program

This program serves girls 12 to 18 years of age with serious mental health treatment needs, often stemming from trauma. Core components of this Joint Commission accredited, Sanctuary-informed program includes:

  • Clinical Services provided by Master’s level therapists, including individual, family and group therapy as well as comprehensive case management
  • Emphasis on evidence-based practices (EPB), creative art therapies and measurable outcomes; including campus-wide implementation of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Significant collaboration with the family throughout the course of treatment to support successful reintegration into the home and community
  • Psychiatry Services overseeing all components of treatment, and providing direct diagnostic evaluations, medication management, and direct services to residents with their families
  • A licensed, private academic special education school for students with emotional, social, and special learning needs.  The school works closely with the Delaware County Intermediate Unit in identifying special needs of the students, as well as developing individualized plans and interventions to support their success in the education environment.
  • Faith and spiritual support providing voluntary religious expression and worship services, and values groups, all of which are sensitive and open to all religious affiliations.

Campus-Based Group Home Program

The program also serves girls age 13 to 18 that are referred by the Family Court system due to instability in their home, current placement or school environment.  Residents may be stepping down from a mental health residential treatment program or need more support than their current group home or foster home can provide. The program provides:

  • Case Management and Community Resource support in accessing treatment, education, life skills development, spiritual development and connections to the local and home communities, including volunteer and employment opportunities
  • Direct connection of mental health services through theVillage’s Outpatient program on-site at Rosemont
  • Education offered on-site or a public school in the top-ranked Radnor School District
  • Campus-based living with on-site support of counselors, clinicians, medical professionals and recreational activities

Creative and Expressive Therapeutic Arts at theVillage

Understanding that healing is a holistic experience that involves nurturing the mind, body and spirit, theVillage provides services and opportunities to heal the whole person.  The Therapeutic Arts Program (TAP) at theVillage includes art therapies, dance and movement therapies, recreational therapies, as well as several enhancements.  In addition to Art Therapy, Dance and Movement Therapy, Recreation Therapy and a physical fitness programs provided by employees of theVillage, volunteers also provide additional programming such as tutoring, health and wellness education, gardening, drama classes, knitting and crocheting, yoga and mindfulness, photography, reading, journaling, and poetry.  TheVillage is the fortunate benefactor of generous donations that not only fund this programming but also fund Equine Therapy and Pet-assisted therapy for the residents.

TheVillage welcomes new volunteers with a specific skill or interest to add to the residents’ experience at theVillage.

For more information on how you can support the healing and growth of the girls in the residential programs at theVillage, please click here