Residential Programs

For more information regarding residential programs, please call 610-519-1493, or email

  • Residential Treatment Program for girls ages 12-18
  • Group Home Cottage (CWR) for girls ages 12-18

The residential programs are located in Rosemont, a suburban community that is a 30-minute drive from Philadelphia. The 43-acre, tree-lined campus provides an attractive, peaceful setting in which to experience healing and growth.  TheVillage has embraced the Sanctuary Model of Trauma Informed Care as an effective framework from which to help children and families heal from traumas brought about by violence, neglect, addiction, poverty, and mental illness.

Residential Treatment Program

This program serves girls 12 to 18 years of age with serious mental health treatment needs, often stemming from trauma. Core components of this Joint Commission accredited, Sanctuary certified program include:

  • Clinical Treatment Services with master’s level therapists who provide weekly individual, family and group therapy as well as comprehensive case management
  • Emphasis on evidence-based therapies and measurable outcomes
  • A PA Department of Education licensed, private academic special education school for students with emotional, social, and special learning needs.  The school has adopted the Blended Schools program to meet a broad spectrum of individual needs from remedial to advanced, all in alignment with State curriculum standards.
  • A Cottage Life Program with 24-hour supervision of residents including a Therapeutic Activities Program (TAP) with structured activities for after-school hours and weekends both on-campus and in the local community
  • Psychiatry Services provide diagnostic evaluations and medication management
  • Pastoral Care Services providing voluntary religious counseling, values groups, and worship services sensitive to, and supportive of, all religious affiliations.

Art Therapy is an effective and important method of communication, assessment, and treatment with children in residential and behavioral health programs. The art therapist works as part of the team that includes physicians, mental health therapists, social workers, and teachers. Together, they determine and implement a client’s therapeutic goals and objectives. TheVillage also utilizes dance and movement therapy, poetry, drama, knitting and crocheting, and a curriculum-based running program, all as supplemental and innovative approaches to healing.

Group Home Cottage (CWR)

Our Group Home Cottage (CWR) serves teenage girls who are referred by county children and youth agencies because of instability in their home or placement. Clients may be stepping down from a mental health residential treatment program or need more support than their current group home or foster home can provide. The 10-bed program combines access to treatment, education coordination, life skills development and a living environment with 24-hour supervision of residents. Experienced staff members in each area communicate closely with each other and with the parent or legal guardian to provide as much support as possible. From the day of admission, we assist the client and her family in planning for the future by developing a realistic discharge plan to build on the progress made in our program.

Supervised Independent Living Program (SIL)

At this time, we are not taking referrals to our SIL Program.  For more information, please contact Jamie Fenstermaker at (610) 519-1662 or