Molly’s Story

From Self Harming to Self Esteem

At age 19, in Molly’s own words, written about a year after leaving the Village.  These are excerpts from her lengthy message.

I have never felt so cared for and taken care of by a facility such as yours before.  From basic necessities like hygiene items to social outlets such as bingo and trips. The track team was an amazing outlet.  It not only helped me feel better physically but made me feel part of a whole and pushed me beyond my physical and mental comfort zones.  The coaches were amazing and I thank them greatly.  Just like the weekly crochet club.  Going into that room allowed me to detach from my mental illness for a little while and embrace the warmth that the atmosphere and volunteers had to offer. It amazed me the patience the volunteers had and the energy that was so positive and seemed to transfer to everyone in the room.  I thank everyone involved for the “extra things” that 

helped each of us girls feel a little less enclosed and more like a true healing community….  

Faith is a huge part of my life, and so is prayer.  I’m hoping to one day travel back to some of the placements I’ve been and be a motivational speaker through NAMI (National Association for Mental Health).  I’m still planning on becoming an RN, and as all the school personnel knew, education will always be important to me.… 

I thank each and every person who touched my life, directly and indirectly, while I was a resident.  It was an experience I will never forget and will always learn from.  May your organization continue to thrive and touch the lives of many.  You’re in my hearts and prayers.