Leroy’s Story

From Grief and Loss to Nursing School

Three devastating deaths in just six months sent 16 year-old Leroy’s life into a tailspin.  theVillage’s In Home Protective Services (IHPS) helped him get back on track.  The cancer death of his father, the murder of his best friend, and the loss of his dog along with ongoing bullying made school unbearable.  Mom, battling depression and grief of her own and burdened with mounting bills, was unable to provide the support he needed.  Reports of truancy as well as unsafe conditions in the home were made to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS).  The case ultimately landed on the desk of theVillage IHPS case manager Sidney Green.

TheVillage’s IHPS provides an array of services designed to strengthen families and avoid placement for families where DHS has determined that there is an active safety threat. Mom has said that “God sent” theVillage to help her struggling family and greatly appreciates staff efforts to keep her family together.  Upon visiting the home, Green found the clutter and debris of hoarding, bad plumbing, and no heat or hot water.  He organized a home clean out and helped the family connect with services to make necessary home improvements.

Meanwhile, the family addressed their mental health and truancy issues.  Green referred Leroy to an outpatient mental health clinic for weekly visits.  Reluctant at first, Leroy began to open up after a few sessions and became an active participant, never once missing an appointment.  Leroy transferred to and graduated from a high school that catered to children who were close to graduating but struggling in a large school setting.  He enrolled in Philadelphia Community College and later transferred to Temple University where he is currently studying nursing.  Leroy expects to graduate college and enter the workforce with the confidence he needs to succeed.  We know he can make it!