Karina’s Story

Determined to Succeed on Her Own

With no family resources of her own, Karina moved to theVillage’s Supervised Independent Living program from the Residential Treatment Program.  She graduated from Radnor High School and prepared to enter community college.

Karina had experienced verbal and physical abuse, witnessed family violence and lived with a mother who had her own mental health problems.  She was eventually placed in the foster care system.  Her early trauma history left Karina with low self-esteem and a feeling of overwhelming loneliness. Her diligence in working with her therapist and her innate qualities of intelligence, humor, and compassion helped her address her low self esteem and find rewards in employment in retail jobs and volunteer opportunities.

Karina expressed appreciation for the opportunities to join athletic teams at Radnor High School, go to prom, and attend a summer camp.  Looking forward to independence, she focused on learning the basics of housing and banking to be able to be on her own.