Jeremy’s Story

Continuing to Soar

Back when theVillage Residential Treatment program included boys, Jeremy came to theVillage when he was 13, admitted for issues of aggressive, impulsive and oppositional behavior.  While here, he was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, and staff found that the therapies that were using for other youth were also effective with Jeremy.  He gradually took advantage of virtually all of the therapeutic recreational opportunities that were offered, even taking the lead in an adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are.  He took a special interest in learning to play the drums via volunteer John Strain.

Jeremy’s therapist reported back after her 12-month follow-up with the family:

I wanted to share that his mother said that he’s doing very well at home!  He’s very involved in drumming and drama at his local school and in fact he attended a music camp and his mother wants to share some you tube videos of him with the drumming coach to show him how far he has come.  He started the drumming here…and it would be great…to show the drumming coach what impact he had on [Jeremy]….

After his successful reentry into high school in South Carolina, Jeremy’s mom sent a huge supply of beads and craft supplies for the Residential program as well as lots of soup labels she and Jeremy had clipped to help theVillage school. A part of her note:

…There are two blankets (handmade with love) on their way in about a month for two children. One boy’s blanket .., and one gir’s blanket. If I remember correctly, PCV collects handmade blankets for the incoming clients. One of my customers saw my photos and story about the donations on my Google page, and immediately emailed me and asked what she could do to help. I knew she was a knitter and crocheted many pieces, so when I told her about the blankets, she started them that day. ….Your program has a big big place in my heart. And because I can’t help financially, I feel the need to help in one way I can, social media and supplies.