For more detailed information or to explore other volunteer possibilities, please do one of the following:

Volunteers provide help for theVillage programs in a number of substantive ways, enhancing the experience of our clients and providing support to staff.  We work to match each volunteer with opportunities to suit their talents, interest, and availability.

Volunteers must be at least 21 and are required to go through the same clearances and background checks as employees. You will also complete a short self-study training that covers important information about safety and privacy issues and some basics about working for our agency.

The following describes some areas where volunteers help theVillage. Additional forms you will need to complete before volunteering with theVillage are available for download below.

Working with Teens at the Rosemont Campus

Recreational/Life Skills Activities

Volunteers provide assistance to enhance the experience, education, social and life skills of youth in the residential programs at theVillage.  You can help with an existing program (such as running, gardening, exercise, or knitting) or help to create your own.


Volunteer tutors provide one-on-one learning support for students in the Residential Treatment Program during weekdays.  Tutors are needed at remedial and advanced levels and in all subject areas, particularly in reading and math.

Career Nights at theVillage

Once a month, local professionals speak to youth about their careers and the paths that took them there.  You can provide tremendous inspiration to these youth who have had few role models.  Your experiences with confronting challenges, making decisions, making your way up, and even changing direction are all relevant to the conversation. Clearances are not needed for this one-time volunteer experience.

Helping Behind the Scenes at the Rosemont Campus and the Preheim Center

Administrative Support

Help with tasks such as filing, copying, collating, assembling mailings, and special projects.  These opportunities are available on both sites.

Schedule a Work Day

Weekday and occasional Saturday workdays are available for groups to complete a special project at theVillage.  Off-site projects can provide opportunities to involve all ages in an activity as they learn about the challenges our children and families face and the work we do to help them.  Staff are available to share information with your group.

Young Friends of theVillage

Their current focus is on supporting the running program of our clients in the Residential Treatment Program.  Young Friends are raising funds for the program and encouraging the girls at 5K events in the community.  Click for more information.