Darrell’s Story

From Foster Care to College-Bound

When Darrell graduated from high school, both his case workers were proud to attend the ceremonies. Darrell won awards for community service and as a student athlete, plus a cash award to help with his next step: college.  Darrell entered Millersville on a partial football scholarship.

One of six boys in his family, Darrell came to the attention of the Department of Human Services (DHS) when his youngest brother complained to school officials about being hungry.  An investigation uncovered parents with alcohol abuse problems, lack of food and heat in the home, and general neglect.  Older children were caring for their younger siblings.  The children were placed in foster care.

Darrell’s foster mother adopted his youngest brother, while the older siblings learned to be on their own.  His two older brothers also made it to college.  Through all the challenges, Darrell taught himself to play piano, guitar, and sax.   DHS granted Darrell a “board extension”, which enabled him return to his foster family as a resource during school breaks.