Connor’s Story

Connor, 7-years-old, was referred to theVillage’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Program by his school while he was in the second grade. He was walking out of the classroom without permission daily and engaging in other inappropriate behaviors. Connor had been suspended three times, which is unprecedented for a second grader. Things had become so bad that his mother had to attend school with him. His father has not been in involved in Connor’s life for quite some time.

Once in therapy at theVillage, he was diagnosed with ADHD. Diana, his therapist at theVillage, used a solution-focused approach with Connor in therapy, gently leading him through questions helping him to learn how to behave more appropriately.

Today, Connor is in the maintenance phase of this therapy. His therapist focuses on coping skills and appropriate behaviors. His mom no longer needs to join him at school, and there have been no recent suspensions or calls home about problems with his behavior. To support his behavioral goals and to help Connor regain self-confidence, he and his therapist created his own superhero persona. Through this, Connor has learned that he has the “power” to control his behaviors. Connor now believes that he can do this on his own. He has also changed his peer group and plays with children who are more positive. Although the diagnosis of ADHD still stands, his coping skills and confidence allow him to forgo medication.

When asked what he would tell another child in his situation, Connor told his therapist “theVillage is a safe place to have problems.”