Christmas and the Holidays at theVillage 2019

Our Christmas and the Holidays at theVillage flyer and wish list is available to download by clicking  here

For more information, contact Betty at (610) 519-1615 or [email protected].  Gifts are due by Friday, December 13, 2019.

Christmas and the Holidays is a special time at theVillage with many opportunities to help our children and families. Some ideas for ways that you can bring holiday joy to a family are listed below:

Gifts for Children:  TheVillage will help about 500 children in our programs this year with  Christmas gifts.  You can buy a gift for a specific child or bring a gift and let our staff route it for a perfect match (wish lists are available).  If you want to shop for a specific child, you can receive a list of first names and ages of children with their wishes and needs.

Adopt a Family:  Donors receive general guidelines and a profile of their “adopted” family including first names, genders, ages and sizes (if clothes are requested).  The family profile will also include a wish list as well as a general list of household needs.  This is a great opportunity for a youth group service project, businesses, books clubs, and other organizations.  Some families shop for a needy family rather than purchase gifts for each other.

Christmas Day Gifts for Girls in Residential Treatment who are unable to go home:   Some of the girls in our Residential Treatment Program are unable to go home for the holidays.   You can help them feel special on Christmas morning.  Christmas Day bags contain a board game, craft kit, fun pair of socks, and toiletries.  Please call for specific requirements.

Gifts for the Family:  If you would like to help with gifts for the family (anytime) such as kitchen wares,  microwaves, blenders, toasters, small appliances, bed (twin or queen are the most useful) and bath linens, and other household items, please contact us for specific needs, purchase gift cards that can be shared with these families or see the Basic Necessities for Families List at www.village1877.orgNew items only please.

No time to shop? A check to theVillage will help us “fill in” the gap of needed gifts.