Special Projects / Wish List

Christmas and the Holidays at theVillage 2017 – THANK YOU!

A great big thanks to all of our generous donors and supporters who made Christmas and the Holidays a special time at theVillage again this year! Check our other posts for ways you can help children and families in need throughout the year. Make a donation to benefit our children and families throughout the year by clicking […]

Would Your Group Like To Help?

Let us know! Please provide the name, phone number and email address of the point person for your group as well as the name of the group. It will help us manage our requests and their fulfillment. For details, contact development@village1877.org or 610-519-1615.

Pick-A-Project: Ways to Help

Pick-A-Project offers a number of tangible ways to help children and families. Help your group become more aware of the serious child welfare issues in our own communities. Your project can be tailored to the interests, size, and resources of your group. By helping and learning more about the programs, you become an invaluable advocate for these vulnerable children. For details, […]

Pick-A-Project: iPods – Safety, Enjoyment

Who needs this and how it helps Most of the girls in theVillage Residential Program use “listening to music” as part of their Safety Plan, which is a personalized list of activities to choose from when they are feeling emotionally overwhelmed. The Village has been providing our residential clients with iPods so that they can […]

Pick-A-Project: Spirit, Safety, Survival

Who needs this and how it helps TheVillage Chaplain works with the Residential Treatment program, assisting the therapeutic team, leading values groups, and providing voluntary spiritual counseling and worship services, sensitive to and supportive of, all religious affiliations. He develops community service opportunities to give these teens a valuable opportunity to help others. The chaplain […]

Pick-A-Project: STAR Bucks Store

Who needs this and how it helps When a girl is “caught” making small positive steps in personal behavior, social interactions, academic achievement, or other daily goals, she is rewarded with a STAR Buck. These STAR Bucks are recorded daily in a meeting with staff that serves not only to reinforce positive behavior, but to […]

Pick-A-Project: Support A Runner

Who needs this and how it helps The young women in the Residential Treatment Program (ages 12-18) engage in the running program to address physical and mental health concerns and as part of their personal “safety plans”, which emphasize ways to manage emotions in times of stress. The opportunity to set and achieve personal goals […]

Pick-A-Project: Transitions/Relationships

Who needs this and how it helps Whether a child has been placed with a foster family or into residential treatment, or the family needs help strengthening its family structure, you can help make their transition smooth and let them know that someone cares. Here are few suggestions that you can do by yourself or […]

Pick-A-Project: When The Bough Breaks

Who needs this and how it helps A child removed from his/her home often arrives in foster care with no personal belongings. It is not possible to wait until funding begins to purchase items needed immediately. This need is especially acute for a baby who requires a safe place to sleep, a car seat, safety […]

Basic Necessities For Families

The Village helps at-risk children and families in the Greater Philadelphia Area throughout the year. Many of our families are in need of items that most of us take for granted. They are most appreciative. Our greatest needs include: (new items only, please) Set of Dishes Silverware Baking dishes Pots & Pans Toaster, coffee pot, […]

Pick-A-Project: Yarn And More

Who needs this and how it helps Arts and crafts, whether knitting, drawing, painting, or another medium, offer the girls in the Residential Treatment Program (ages 12-18) a creative outlet for stabilizing their emotions along with a nonverbal means to express their feelings. The girls have an opportunity to participate in organized arts and crafts […]

Pick-A-Project: Build A Bedroom

Who needs this and how it helps Entering a foster care or residential placement is scary for any child, even a place as welcoming as theVillage. It is important that children and teens in our programs feel safe and welcome from the moment they arrive. In addition to a Welcome Kit (Transitions & Relationships Pick-A-Project), […]

Pick-A-Project: Aging Out

Who needs this and how it helps The youth in the Supervised Independent Living Program (SIL), ages 16-21, have been in foster care or in a residential program and are preparing for independence. They need some help to gain the life skills to survive on their own; they need help finishing school and moving on […]