Lives Changed

Patricia’s Story

Can you imagine a child orphaned in another country, adopted by a family in the United States and later abandoned who then enters foster care at the age of eleven and endures many traumatic experiences along the way? Where does a child like this turn for help? That happened to Patricia and here is her […]

Xavier’s Story

Parent Child Interactive Therapy helps Xavier find his forever family. Xavier was placed in foster care when he was 7-months-old with a family that planned to adopt him. When he was 2-years old his foster family sought help from theVillage Outpatient Behavioral Health Department. For days following visits with his birth mother, Xavier would lie […]

Connor’s Story

Connor, 7-years-old, was referred to theVillage’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Program by his school while he was in the second grade. He was walking out of the classroom without permission daily and engaging in other inappropriate behaviors. Connor had been suspended three times, which is unprecedented for a second grader. Things had become so bad that […]

Molly’s Story

From Self Harming to Self Esteem At age 19, in Molly’s own words, written about a year after leaving the Village.  These are excerpts from her lengthy message. I have never felt so cared for and taken care of by a facility such as yours before.  From basic necessities like hygiene items to social outlets such […]

Faith’s Story

Faith was born in Sierra Leone in the middle of a civil war.  When Faith was 8, she and her family immigrated to Philadelphia to find a safer life for their family.  She reported at a later age to a trauma specialist that she had witnessed extreme war atrocities. Faith had behavior problems at home […]

Renée’s Story

Renee’s birth mother gave Renee and her sister up for adoption when she was four years old.  They spent five years in foster care until being adopted when Renee was 9-years-old.  Her aggressive behavior and violent outbursts continued to escalate, resulting in several psychiatric hospital stays, a partial hospitalization program, and a residential placement.  Renee […]

Leroy’s Story

From Grief and Loss to Nursing School Three devastating deaths in just six months sent 16 year-old Leroy’s life into a tailspin.  theVillage’s In Home Protective Services (IHPS) helped him get back on track.  The cancer death of his father, the murder of his best friend, and the loss of his dog along with ongoing […]

Jeremy’s Story

Continuing to Soar Back when theVillage Residential Treatment program included boys, Jeremy came to theVillage when he was 13, admitted for issues of aggressive, impulsive and oppositional behavior.  While here, he was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, and staff found that the therapies that were using for other youth were also effective with Jeremy.  He gradually […]

Darrell’s Story

From Foster Care to College-Bound When Darrell graduated from high school, both his case workers were proud to attend the ceremonies. Darrell won awards for community service and as a student athlete, plus a cash award to help with his next step: college.  Darrell entered Millersville on a partial football scholarship. One of six boys […]

Karina’s Story

Determined to Succeed on Her Own With no family resources of her own, Karina moved to theVillage’s Supervised Independent Living program from the Residential Treatment Program.  She graduated from Radnor High School and prepared to enter community college. Karina had experienced verbal and physical abuse, witnessed family violence and lived with a mother who had […]

Claire’s Story

Learning to Help Herself, Preparing to Help Others Claire had experienced periods of homelessness, physical and sexual abuse, and domestic violence. Her self destructive behaviors and suicide attempts required therapeutic clinical intervention.  While at theVillage she received therapies that had shown evidence to be effective with someone like Claire, who demonstrated  intelligence and the desire […]