Advisory Board

The Advisory Board brings together individuals with a wide range of knowledge and backgrounds to support theVillage’s mission. They meet twice yearly and may be called upon to share their expertise or to serve on board committees.

Donna Henry Co-Convener

Bobbie Cameron Co-Convener

Philip Albright

Rebecca Antczak

Stephen W. Bajus

Jane Beatty

William H. Black, Jr., Esq.

Tom Bove

Taylor Brandfass, M.D.

Kimberly Bressi

Tina Brown

A. David Carroll, Jr.

Ernestine Carter, Ph.D.

Timothy F. Connors

Althea L. Cousins, Ph.D.

Ann DeLaura

William C. Dunkelberg

David R. Elwell, Esq.

John Esterhai, M.D.

Jeffrey Evernham

Elizabeth S. Gadsden

Anna Z. Gerrity

Sara Grossman

Robert D. Hamilton, III, Ph.D.

Rev. William D. Hess, D.D.

Thomas Hiscott, Esq.

Rev. George Hollingshead, D. Min.

Eric C. Jones

Dayna Dunsmoor Levy, Ed.D.

Stuart Levy, D.O.

Carol MacGregor

Meredith E. MacGregor, M.D.

Dolores G. Martell

Karl W. McIntosh, M.D.

Joan Mount

Suzanne Naples

Michael A. Paolone

Olive Rich, Ph.D.

D. Geoffrey Robinson

James E. Rush, Ph.D.

Emily Schwarz

David B. Spencer, Sc.D.

Jennifer Staples

George Teplica

Julianne Tewksbury

Nancy Threlfall

Calvin R. Tucker

Michael L. Turner, Esq.

Stephanie Watkins

John Woodcock