How old are the children who stay there?

The clients in the residential programs are girls 13-18 years old. Children in the community-based program are all ages, 0-18.

How long do they stay?

Length of stay in our residential programs can vary. Participants in our Residential Treatment Program stay for an average of 7 months.

Do you do the same things at both sites?

Our Rosemont location is focused on providing residential services for girls 12 to 18 years old and outpatient behavioral health services for children and families, while our Southwest Philadelphia location serves as the hub for our community-based services including foster care, adoption, in-home services, after school programs and outpatient counseling and behavioral health services.

Is there a project we can do with your residents?

Volunteers who work with our residential clients must be at least 21 years of age and complete a process of clearances and background checks. TheVillage has limited opportunities for adult groups to do a project with residents. Off-site projects to benefit residents can be developed with all age groups.

Why did you change your name?

Once a specific place with a focused service, over time theVillage has expanded geographically and diversified the ways we serve. Our Rosemont campus remains a village in a more literal sense — a caring, therapeutic place where residents find a safe haven. As we have expanded our services in the Philadelphia region, the notion of ‘village’ has become more metaphorical, but still rings true. We are theVillage in our communities, providing a continuum of services.  Because marketplace awareness is important to our purpose, we have chosen to modernize our name to bring it into alignment with the scope and spirit of who we are today. We reaffirm our faith in the worth of every child and the possibility that we can have a lasting, positive impact. As theVillage, we move forward with a clear purpose and message. TheVillage is a name that respects the past while it welcomes the future. Our tag line adds an important element:  Hope in Action for Children and Families.

Do you get support from the Presbyterian church?

TheVillage has never been a line item in a Presbytery budget. Many Presbyterian churches, as well as some others, provide continuing, voluntary gifts to support our programs. We are grateful for our relationship with many faith-based and secular groups that help sustain our mission.

What do you need?

Our website includes many lists of items that our children and families need. Financial donations are always needed to sustain our programs. Unrestricted donations are most helpful and they allow us to use funds where they are needed most. Donations can also be directed to particular areas of need or interest.