Spirituality & Faith at theVillage

Faith, spirituality and religion have been embedded in the core principles of theVillage since its founding in 1877 by caring members of the local Presbyterian community. To this day, these principles permeate our programs and services as we nurture the individual faiths of those entrusted to our care. This is especially prevalent in our Residential Treatment Program, which includes spiritual-focused and voluntary religious support through various groups and local faith-based congregations, as well as outings to houses of worship within the community.

While founded by the Presbyterian community, today the organization is not an agency of the Presbyterian Church USA and does not receive direct financial support from that facilitation. TheVillage has been fortunate to have financial support for therapeutic, spiritual and religious activities, as well as unrestricted donations, from many churches and houses of worship throughout the region for many years to meet the needs of clients with diverse religious affiliations.

Contact us to explore how you can support faith, spirituality, and voluntary religious activities at theVillage: faith@village1877.org