Hope in Action for Children and Families

The mission of theVillage is to promote the healing of the spirits of children, families and communities broken by trauma including violence, neglect, addiction, poverty, mental illness, racism and other serious societal problems.

As of November 1, we are excited to have merged with Silver Springs – Martin Luther School, an organization based in Plymouth Meeting with a similar history and commitment to vulnerable children, youth, and families. In the coming months, we will transition to our new organization name, Gemma Services. To read more about our exciting new name and brand identity, please click here.

Previously named Presbyterian Children’s Village, theVillage provides child welfare, residential programs, mental health, and prevention services to children and families in Philadelphia and neighboring counties. TheVillage updated its name in 2014, reaching beyond our faith heritage to embrace a broad community of individuals and organizations. As we grow and change, we proudly reaffirm our founding purpose and faith tradition: helping children and families overcome life’s challenges to achieve a brighter future.

Once a specific place with a focused service, over time we have expanded geographically and diversified the ways we serve.  Our Rosemont campus remains a village in a more literal sense — a caring, therapeutic place where several types of residential clients find a safe haven. As we have expanded our services over the decades, the notion of ‘village’ has become more metaphorical, but still holds true.

TheVillage holds a deep faith in the worth of every child and believes it is possible to have a lasting, positive impact on each troubled child and family. Services focus on the prevention of or healing from trauma, often caused by abuse, neglect, poverty, homelessness, and a myriad of challenges faced by families today. We emphasize evidence-based methods and measurable results.