Hope in Action for Children and Families

Since 1877, theVillage has had one unwavering goal: to reach the most vulnerable members of our communities and deliver assistance that lasts. We work together with children, families and communities impacted by trauma to support healing and resilience, to encourage hope and to empower them to realize their greatest potential.

TheVillage utilizes the Sanctuary Model for trauma-informed care and employs many evidence-based treatment methods. Our programs include:

Single Gender Residential Treatment, Group Living and Supervised Independent Living: Located on our Rosemont campus, our program provides innovative treatment to adolescent girls and young women with serious mental health and behavioral challenges, many of whom have suffered abuse or neglect.

Outpatient Behavioral Health: Our program offers evidence-based therapy services to children, adolescents, adults and families at our Southwest Philadelphia and Rosemont locations, and at other satellite locations in Philadelphia.

Other Programs and Services: We provide child welfare programs and prevention services that help children impacted by trauma from abuse, neglect and mental health issues.

Hear real stories from children at theVillage to learn how we help them heal and realize their greatest potential.